DasGro Hair Formula claims to be a powerful hair growth vitamin that fights balding, thinning, and overall hair loss. It works from the inside-out to repair, strengthen, and restore the follicles in order to promote healthy hair re-growth naturally. However, this product is not all-natural, contrary to what they claimed in their previous marketing campaigns.

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80.5 / 100

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10,000 - 20,000

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Pure Results Nutrition™

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Nutritional Nourishment


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. 

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Instructions for Use

Take 2 tablets daily after meals, preferably one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. It is best to use the product for 3 months to achieve optimum results.

Outstanding Features

This hair formula is comprised of breakthrough ingredients and vitamins suited to aid hair growth. It directly fights hair loss from the inside, promoting all-natural re-growth. It has no known side effects to this day and is effective for both men and women. Dasgro is made up of ingredients that support proper hair follicle nutrition.

Here is a list of its ingredients.

Vitamin A (as beta carotene)

  • a powerful antioxidant that is involved in the growth of hair and revival of a healthy looking mane.

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

  • an essential vitamin to the human body, Vitamin C helps build collagen and aids the absorption of iron, which makes hair strong and healthy.

Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)

  • fights radicals and restores healthy hair re-growth.

Vitamin B-1 (as thiamine mono-nitrate)

  • an important nutrient that increases protein breakdown and gives the hair a healthy boost.

Vitamin B-2 (as riboflavin)

  • maintains collagen levels, which makes way for healthy skin and hair.


  • nourishes the scalp, counteracts hair loss, and regenerates re-growth.

Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine hcl)

  • helps suppress DHT (an androgen hormone that causes hair loss).

Folic Acid

  • aids tissue growth in the scalp, therefore nurturing roots for better hair production.


  • often found in hair supplemental products, biotin regulates blood flow in the scalp and promotes healthier regrowth.

Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate)

  • sustains life in bodily functions and is an effective treatment to hair loss.

Calcium (as carbonate)

  • an essential to the body for it promotes a well-balanced nutritional diet best suited for the hair.

Zinc (as amino acid chelate)

  • best for receding hairlines because it helps with cell reproduction and maintenance of hormone levels.

Copper (as gluconate)

  • this is used by the body to manufacture enzymes that are involved in collagen formation, which contribute greatly to hair formation. Deficiency may result to hair loss or thinning.

Choline Bitartrate

  • a member of the Vitamin B group that helps prevent balding.

Silica (as 70% bamboo extract)

  • rejuvenates the scalp by getting rid of damaged compounds like skin cells, increasing the quality of hair produced.


  • also part of the Vitamin B group, this promotes hair growth.

Para-Aminobezoic Acid

  • this also aids with faster hair growth.


  • an amino acid that can help reverse hair loss and bring hair growth back within the normal cycle.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

  • it helps the human body build collagen, keeping the hair supple. This is because it contains keratin in sulfur, which is one of the most important protein contents our hair needs.

Ginkgo Biloba (24% extract)

  • this protects small blood vessels against fragility. While it has no hair growth effects, it is known to lessen the probability of hair loss.

Saw Palmetto

  • an extract that blocks 5-alpha-reductase, which is a known enzyme-converting testosterone to DHT – thereby treating hair loss.

Pygeum Aficanum

  • helps maintain a full head of voluminous hair by balancing the body’s hormone levels.

Green Tea

  • helps stimulate hair follicles and prevents problems with the scalp, such as dandruff.

Grape Seed

  • contains a lot of Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and linoleic acid -- which are necessary for continuous and healthy hair growth.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. 

Cost of Treatment

A bottle costs $39.97 plus standard shipping. The recommended use is 3 months. Getting their 3-bottle bundle for only $94.97 would save you $25 plus the cost of shipping. The 6-bottle bundle also comes with free shipping and saves you $92, which can be bought for only $147.97.


Any person who is pregnant or lactating, under 18 years old, or those with known medical conditions are advised to consult a physician before consuming this product.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Dasgro to writing; although it is still advised to proceed with caution especially if the user has allergies to any of its ingredients.

Customer Satisfaction*

The overall Amazon rating of Dasgro is 3 out of 5 stars. Around 80% of buyers gave it 5 stars; 3% for 4 stars; 2% for 3 stars; 3% for 2 stars, and 6% for 1 star. Those who were satisfied with the product mostly raved about their hair growing really fast. They also reported healthy hair re-growth in less than the given time-frame. However, those who weren’t impressed with Dasgro have indicated that there was zero improvement in their hair condition even after giving the product enough time to take effect after using it for even more than 4 months.

*Individual results may vary.

Manufacturer Information

Dasgro is distributed and owned by Pure Results Nutrition. The product is made in Alaska.


For more information about Dasgro Hair Formula, please visit its website http://dasgro.com.

The Bottom Line

Dasgro is a product with decent reviews, so it could be a good option. However, the fact that they formerly used false marketing campaigns to say that their product is all-natural, when it is not, isn’t very professional. Also, despite their 90-day guarantee, the feedback from people who weren’t refunded and couldn’t reach the company’s customer support is not a good sign. Overall, it is plausible that this may work for some individuals, but there are better, much more honest ones out there.

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