Hims: Empowering Men to Take Charge

Male pattern baldness. Erectile Dysfunction. Cold sores. These issues might not be your first choice for dinner-table conversation topics, but they’re the subjects that Andrew Dudum and his company hims are hoping men everywhere will soon start to discuss. Offering products centered around the health and wellness of today’s man, hims has set out to sell a certain type of product - which tend to resolve those niggling problems that men traditionally find too embarrassing to talk about. More than just a simple online shopping website, hims attempts to present their wares in a manner that encourages men to take charge of their bodies and their health. From bright and colorful web pages to creative and socially encouraging content, hims lays out its message loud and clear from the get-go.

Consciousness, self-care and awareness-building 

Looking at their website, it’s obvious that one of hims’ main focus points is removing the stigma attached to problems that cause men to be self-conscious about their bodies. Indeed, everything on the website suggest that the company is focused on empowering men through self-care, through taking control, and through spreading awareness. In addition to its assortment of products, www.forhims.com has a number of comprehensive articles written by professionals about a variety of topics that might appeal to someone shopping for a pill to prevent hair loss or an ED treatment. Articles about topics such as common causes of sexual dysfunction and how to detect male baldness fill their blog (titled ‘Savoir Faire’), and aim to further support the general message of the company.

Solving the eternal problem of male-pattern baldness 

As far as the actual products on the site go, hims has number of “kits” that are each focused on a different part of the anatomy (these are labeled under categories such as hair, sex, mouth, and skin). While a variety of treatments can be found on the site, it is in the hair loss prevention department that hims originally made its name known. Offering groupings of products aimed at preventing and treating baldness from every possible angle, hims promises that its products are a one-stop shop for any male who wants to keep his thick locks, for a reasonable monthly price.

For those who are suffering from hair loss concerns, hims offers multiple types of ‘hair kits’. The recommended kit known as the “Complete Hair Kit” includes four different treatments designed to complement each other. The Complete Hair Kit includes: Finasteride (an FDA-approved pill used to increase volume and improve the health of your hair), specialty shampoo that works by blocking DHT (which helps to maintain hair follicles), biotin vitamins, and Minoxidil, a solution used to help treat male pattern baldness (provided in form of a topical solution in a dropper). In addition to the Complete Hair Kit, hims also offers both prescription and non-prescription versions of its Complete Hair Kit, for a corresponding drop in price. The prescription kit offers the same pills, shampoo and solution as the Complete Hair Kit, while the non-prescription kit offers everything but the Finasteride pills (with the cheapest price tag of the three options).

Erectile dysfunction and cold sores 

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, hims offers the pill Sildenafil; an FDA-approved prescription medication that has the same active ingredient as the popular Viagra. It works very similarly to its more well-known counterpart, by helping to better regulate blood flow to the penis through the opening of blood vessels, improving erection time and quality.

In the “Mouth” category, hims also has a product for cold sore sufferers. The website offers Valacyclovir, available to purchase as part of a monthly plan. Valacyclovir is an FDA-approved pill that helps to prevent or treat unsightly herpes simplex 1 outbreaks (but does not cure HSV-1 permanently). Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug that works by stopping the herpes virus from reproducing and spreading. Hims claims that the pill has the ability to heal ugly cold sores within twenty-four hours.

Consult with a doctor 

Curious as to how hims is able to offer prescription pills over the internet? At the bottom of the Valacyclovir page as well as the hair and ED product pages, customers might take notice of the asterisked amplifying information on any product or kit containing a prescription medication; that a medical consultation via an online assessment is required after checkout. 

Prior to shipment, Hims will put you in touch with a doctor who will determine whether the prescription you’re attempting to order is appropriate for you. Perhaps most importantly, the doctor will contact you over the internet, without your needing to set up an appointment. Hims claims that this is one of the reasons they are able to offer prescription medication at a fraction of the usual cost; by almost completely eliminating the middleman. 

Future developments and product offerings are hinted at on the forhims.com homepage. Web links to product pages having to do with skin and a few mentions of acne in the content on the main page indicate that the company is looking to continue to expand and grow its market and selection into new areas, hoping to provide a wide selection of kits for any of your bodily concerns. For those fans of hims who would like to represent this online brand, there’s even a merchandise page that contains sweaters, candles and matches for sale, all featuring the simplistic hims logo.

Whatever the future of hims, founder Andrew Dudum and his company present a clear and decisive message from the front page through to the company blog: that hims is here to provide support to those who are interested in bettering themselves. As their brand purpose page suggests, having a body concern isn’t an issue, it’s doing nothing about it that’s the real problem in life.

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